Advanced English Conversation Lesson ESL Book

Advanced English Conversation Lesson ESL Book


Product Description

12 Lessons. 25 Hours of class material. 160 Pages.

All of this is just for English Conversation. No Grammar. No reading.

Usually ESL books suck.

I don't know why. There are thousands of ESL schools in the world, thousands of ESL teachers, and they're all begging for quality materials.

That's why I made this book. This is and Advanced ESL Conversation book for actually teaching English. It's also fun to boot.

This book contains a series of 12 lessons. Each one is crafted for an intense English conversation period of 2.5 hours.

During that time, your ESL students should lead the entire lesson. You, as the teacher, should only have to introduce each section, and then provide corrections at the very end of class.

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