“Can You” Flashcard Game

YLE Activities Can you…?
Length20 minutes

Hey teachers!

I love making new flashcard games and activities, and I probably craft up at least 10 different ones per week.

The simplest one I do is for just creating simple affirmative or negative replies to questions.

This week my YLE Starters students are covering “Can” for the first time. To make this easier for them, I put down 9 different action verbs on flashcards, and then I’ve cut them up, and made little piles on their desks. The children will then work in pairs, pick them up, and ask their partner whether they can do the activity or not.

After they’ve both answered, they have to write down their partner’s response in their notebooks.

I time each round, and after the timer rings, I double check their writing. It might seem tedious to have the kids write down each response, especially at such a young age, but I’ve found that the students who come to my academies really enjoy it. My situation might be different than yours, of course, since I live and work in South Korea. Do whatever you think makes the most sense with your kids.

Simple Flash Card Games Instructions:

  1. Place flashcards face down on the desk
  2. Seperate students into pairs
  3. Have students rock, scissors, paper
  4. The winner will pick the first card, and then ask their partner a question (ex: Can you ride a bike?)
  5. The other student must respond with a short answer and sentence (Yes, I can. I can ride a bike…. or, No I can’t. I can’t ride a bike).
  6. After this, both students must right down the child’s response.
  7. When they’ve finished writing, the 2nd child will pick a card, and ask a question.
  8. Do this for 2-5 minutes, and the teacher will check their writing results at the end
  9. Do 3 rounds of this total.

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