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Our Pattern English series is amazing for getting low level students conversing.

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The Travel English series covers travel and culture topics.

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Who are we?

Steve Lemlek,

Hi guys!  I’m Steve.  I’m an English Teacher here in South Korea.   My journey here was a little bit different than most.  I went form being a geek blogger, to web designer, to academy owner in a pretty a zig-zagging career path.  I’m really passionate about teaching English in a fun, engaging way.   That’s why I created these templates and all of these resources on here.  

When I’m not teaching, I try to spend most of my time with my daughter, Leah, and my wife, Maggie.  If you ever need advice about teaching, or want some tips on how to have a good time in Korea, feel free to reach out to me!

– Steve Lemlek

Hal Wiley,

I’m Hal.  I’ve been a teacher in South Korea for nearly 10 years.  For a lot of that time I taught in the public school system.  That experience has shaped how I teach.  

I’m happily married and live in Korea with my wife and daughter.  Just like Steve said above, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.

– Hal Wiley

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What do teachers say about us?

Rowan Jethro Hudson

“I’ve found Hal and Steve’s adult lessons better than anything else for adult conversation classes – a nice mix of reading, vocabulary, and questions on interesting topics that invite discussion. They work well both 1 on 1 and with small groups”

Amye Hwang

“Hal and Steve’s materials are amazing and there is so much you can do with them! I use them for online teaching, but have so many things I would use them for in a real classroom! They make such quality materials that my young kids love! Thanks, guys♡”

Jessica Link

“Hal and Steve English has provided me with tons of lesson ideas and conversation topics just when I feel like my own ideas have all run out. I’m terrible at starting fun conversations, especially ones that would interest someone half my age, so this is a great source of a variety of activities that my (often unmotivated) students have actually really enjoyed. Thank you!!”

Our latest lessons


ESL Sleeping Elephants

3 Versions of ESL Sleeping Elephants Game: Grammar, Whiteboard, & Spelling Versions YLE Activities Sentence Making/Grammar/Spelling Level A1-B2 Topic Any Length 30-50 minutes If you already know how to make…

“Can You” Flashcard Game

YLE Activities Can you…? Level A1 Topic Can Length 20 minutes Hey teachers! I love making new flashcard games and activities, and I probably craft up at least 10 different…

What Is Your Dating Life Like?, A1/A2

; Pattern Book 1 Lesson 23 Level A1/A2 Vocabulary Topic What is … like? Length 75 Minutes 15+ fun, interesting questions in each lesson Includes Korean translations Question, short answer,…

What’s The Strangest Food You’ve Ever Eaten?, A1/A2

; Pattern Book 1 Lesson 22 Level A1/A2 Vocabulary Topic What’s the …est… you’ve ever…?/Superlatives Length 75 Minutes 15+ fun, interesting questions in each lesson Includes Korean translations Question, short…

Which Do Your Prefer Apple Or Samsung?, A1/A2

; Pattern Book 1 Lesson 21 Level A1/A2 Vocabulary Topic Which do you prefer Apple or Samsung? Length 75 Minutes 15+ fun, interesting questions in each lesson Includes Korean translations…