Were You Trashed Last Night?, A1/A2

Pattern Book 1Lesson 9
Vocabulary TopicWere you…?
Length75 Minutes

15+ fun, interesting questions in each lesson

Includes Korean translations

Question, short answer, affirmative sentence, and negative sentences

Easy to display on TV, tablet, smartphones, and projectors

Over 300 fun questions in total and 30+ hours of class time

Welcome to Pattern English! If you’re a conversation leader or Instructor, let us take a moment to tell you about this course. Like all Hal & Steve lessons, this course is designed for English Conversation. Your peers or learners need to focus on Just Speaking. Be supportive and help them overcome any feelings of doubt, frustration, or embarrassment so that they can speak! That’s the most important tool for becoming a successful English speaker.

In our blog, we’ve provided you with a detailed description of our methods. This is how WE (Hal & I) use the material. Please feel free to modify the lessons as you see fit. All learners are unique, so what’s successful with Hal’s learners may be different than what’s successful with Steve’s, and alternatively what might be successful with yours. 

So modify, experiment, use these lessons as you see fit!

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